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Monthly Archives: February 2015

  • Where To Get The Best Pricing On Avaya SFP products

    It is not just network equipment which requires ongoing investment in order to ensure the optimum levels of performance for your business, investment is also required for a myriad of other accompanying accessories including a range Read More

  • What To Look For In Dell Compatible SFP Products

    A frequent question we hear from our customers is what is the difference between the Dell compatible SFPs we provide and those manufactured by Dell? Suspicion seems to immediately arise due to the often substantial difference in pricing, Read More

  • The Truth About Cisco Compatible X2 Transceivers

    There is much pressure these days on CTO’s, CIO’s, purchasing clerks and other professionals when it comes to purchasing X2 transceivers. The pressure is primarily financial, finding the balance between low prices and optimum performance and efficiency. Read More

  • Netgear Compatible SFP Products

    Why Buy A Netgear Compatible SFP Product?

    The SFP, or Small form-Factor Pluggable, optical transceiver is one of the most powerful gadgets in the current technological landscape. An SFP is an interchangeable Read More

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