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Monthly Archives: August 2018

  • The Next 12 Months of Dominating Tech

    Despite the mass of amazing technology that we already have easily available to us, there’s mind-blowing technological advancements all of the time. In the space of a year, we’ve integrated so much new technology into our lives that it’s hard to believe.

    There’s Read More

  • Preventing a Cyber Attack

    Unfortunately, we live in an era where cyber-attacks are increasingly becoming a very regular occurrence. The internet and online can be a fantastic tool for businesses to operate and handle the day to day running of your business; however, it is also important Read More

  • Cryptojacking is on the rise

    Cryptojacking is the unauthorised use of someone else’s computer to mine cryptocurrency. Hackers do this by either getting the victim to click on a malicious link in an email that loads crypto mining code on the computer, or by infecting a website or online Read More

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