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Benefits Of Colocation For Businesses

Benefits Colocation For BusinessesTechnology is providing an ever increasing number of ways in which it helps companies to take care of their IT requirements. One of these options is colocation, as it provides a means to successfully outsource your hosting. With this specific option a company provides the equipment whilst a third party entity then hosts the equipment in their data centre- providing the power, ping, pipe and rack.

Here are some of the top benefits of using colocation for your business:

  • Scalability: For businesses who suddenly find themselves with a sudden surplus or shortfall in their computing needs, colocation is an excellent option. Instead of having to quickly increase or decrease your staff and equipment to take care of things internally you can simply and effectively contact your colocation provider and arrange to scale your service requirements as needed.
  • Security: Colocation provides an exceptional means of ensuring the optimum level of security for your servers. Without a colocation contract you would have to finance these measures yourself. However, good quality colocation providers offer security features that include biometric scanners, closed circuit cameras, on-site security and coded access. This provides peace of mind and excellent financial savings for your business.
  • Connectivity: Colocation offers businesses a cost effective means of maintaining high level IT infrastructures. This is due to the fact that many colocation centres house servers in climate-controlled datacentres, that offer high bandwidth speed, with excellent redundancy for network connections. Outsourcing this aspect of your business, means that your IT is free to focus on internal business operations.
  • Predictability: Financial savings are not the only benefit offered by utilising colocation for your business. A further advantage is the reduction in unpredictable financial outlays. These financial outlays are transformed into a predictable monthly expense. This means that your company no longer has to foot the bill for an entire datacentre, simply the cost of the required equipment. This predictability will empower your business to allocate its resources more effectively.
  • Stability: One of the greatest threats that affects the modern business is the sudden and random disaster. This can come in numerous forms, the requirement to move offices, an abrupt power cut or even a natural disaster. With colocation, if any of these events occur you will not be affected by the additional worry of the loss of data or services. Colocation centres have contingencies in place in order to guarantee there is no interruption the service and operation of your business.