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How Cloud Computing is Increasing Productivity

With the increasing prevalence of cloud computing, businesses and their employees should have noticed an increase in productivity, or at the very least an opportunity for an increase.

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With cloud computing, the vast majority of things can be done online. For example, listening to music. Previously, to listen to music you would need a physical form of media (CD, cassette and so on) and a way to play it (cassette player, CD player and so on). Now, we can stream music using our mobile phones, requiring nothing but the device in our hand.

While the above is just one example, it is clear that cloud computing has changed our lives deeply. But how does cloud computing allow for an increase in productivity? Throughout this article, we are going to presume that your business has the necessities for storing information and work securely online.

Work’s available from anywhere when stored in the cloud

Before the cloud, work was left at the office – literally. If you didn’t bring your documents or data away from the office, there was no way to access it without going to physically retrieve it.

Now, when documents and data are held in the cloud, these things are accessible no matter where you are. For example, imagine you are sat at home on the sofa when you have a great idea for a piece of work you are completing. When this piece of work is stored in the cloud, you have access to it while you’re sat at home on the sofa. Before the cloud, this wasn’t possible. This leads to an increase in productivity, as you can complete your work and add to it as you wish, no matter where you are.

Documents, information and data is editable in real-time

There is nothing worse than making changes to a document and then finding out that a co-worker has done the same, perhaps overriding your changes and vice versa. This problem is something regularly encountered by businesses that have not embraced cloud computing.

Documents, information and data held in the cloud is often editable in real-time. Therefore, if you are making changes it will edit any version of that file in the cloud. Typically, this means that multiple people can be making changes at the same time without overriding the changes made by another person.

Files stored in the cloud are often more secure

Although there is a popular myth that the cloud is as unsecure as can be, the truth is the exact opposite: the cloud can often be more secure than any other type of storage available to every business.

Companies of all sizes rely on the cloud on a daily basis. While the cloud’s security isn’t completely impenetrable, it’s significantly more secure than storing files in a drawer or carrying them around with you.

When set up correctly, the cloud can be extremely secure. There are multiple types of security that can be put in place, such as multiple authentication methods. Ultimately, this unparalleled level of security can assist in an increase of productivity for your business. You no longer have to wonder endlessly when it comes to securely storing files.