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Excellent Art Examples From #CableWednesday

Cable Art Example Cable WednesdayCabling when done correctly is an art form, however when it is not done correctly it is an inefficient mess, plain and simple. In order to enable techies to showcase their intricate, artistic and visually impressive cable set ups, Cisco have created the #CableWednesday hashtag. Collected beneath are some of the best artistic examples, some of the worst examples and some of the spin of jokes which have resulted from the Cable Wednesday hashtag.

Simple Yet Sublime:

This picture is perhaps one of the less intricate submissions to #CableWednesday, however we find it equally attractive. This is due to the sheer artistic simplicity achieved by the cabling arrangement on this Avaya setup. Well organised blue cabling has been utilised to good effect, to not only provide an organised server cabling structure but to deliver effective aesthetics which have a simplicity that is as practical as it is beautiful.

Size Does Matter:

This picture is fundamentally the same as the previous picture, it depicts well organised blue cabling used to connect a number of server and hard drive components. Where it differs, however, is that the system connected by cabling in this picture is much larger than the one in the previous picture. The effect is simply stunning, the cabling is parted down the middle, forming two sets of feeds one going to the left, the other to the right. This picture demonstrates the excellent aesthetics which can be achieved with larger set ups.

Multi-Coloured Data Centre Snakes:

This picture is taken from the server room of one of Cisco’s data centres. The overwhelming volume of cabling here has been effectively organised, by using three different cable colours, green, blue and red, and binding each of these colours together. This creates the effect of a number of different snakes clambering over the servers.

What NOT To Do On #CableWednesday:

In addition to the exceptional, almost beautiful examples of artistic cabling setups that have been demonstrated as part of #CableWednesday, there has also been a series of absolute failures showcased. This example is no exception. It shows a series of servers and hard drives which have literally been mummified by extensive yellow cabling.

House of Cables:

Although not strictly an artistic example, this is one of the many humorous spinoffs which have resulted from the hashtag. In this case the spinoff uses the theme of the popular Netflix series “House of Cards”, which centres on the raw ambition and double dealing underhandedness of a fictional US politician and his rise to president. In the picture the White House has been depicted using cables to form the outline of the White House as “House of Cables”.