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  • Single Mode Cabling v Multimode Cabling

    With data throughput demands constantly increasing, and loss budgets continually dropping, it's important to understand the standards when designing data centre cabling infrastructures. As you are well aware, electricity and electrical components are fully ingrained Read More

  • IT Budget Trends

    Where do trends suggest IT budgets will be spent in the next 12 months?

    IT should be the core of the business. Enabling business transformation and encouraging innovation, there’s more to IT than making sure that everything – and Read More

  • Data Transfer Rate Explained

    Data transfer rate is an important measurement when it comes to your business’s network. It is a crucially important measurement to keep track of, especially in modern business networking. Data transfer rate is important when it comes to performing tasks in Read More

  • How to be realistic with your IT budgets

    In a time of economic instability, it’s imperative that non-negotiable budgets are set and cost reductions take place. In a department that focuses on IT, it is generally believed that costs are going to be significant; computers and technology aren’t cheap. Read More

  • The SFP Designed for Flexibility & Efficiency

    A SFP also known as a small form-factor pluggable is an optical modular transceiver, designed for use with small form factor (SFF) connectors, and offer high speed and physical compactness. SFP interfaces between communication devices Read More

  • Driving Digital Transformation

    We all now know that businesses are operating in a highly digitalises world. So as technology continuously grows and develops, IT departments as we recognise them are set to change.

    With the revolution of digital transformation Read More

  • We’re listed on a fantastic new search engine

    Recently the new global list price search engine,, was launched. Whilst you can already find the list prices on the vendor’s website, this pulls all the prices for things such as SFPs, Read More

  • Huawei V Compatible SFP

    Huawei is a Chinese manufacturer and designer specialising in the provision of hardware for networking and telecommunications products. The Chinese company’s popularity is attributed to the high levels of performance and reliability of the products they produce, Read More

  • A Compatible SFP or D-Link module

    D-Link are a Taiwanese company specialising in the manufacturing of system hardware, data communications and auxiliary products. Due to the performance and reliability of D-Link products the brand is used widely by businesses ranging from call centres and data Read More

  • How to predict and prevent cyber-attacks

    Cyber security is becoming more important every day and is something that every business needs to protect themselves online. The internet and online can be a fantastic tool for businesses to share promotion, connect with their audience or even handle the day Read More

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